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The Random Ramblings of Ciderbutwider

Trying to live life God's way

7/8/07 06:30 pm - ^^;

I sparkle, I feel like a sunbeam! Tracy gave me an awesome present yesterday, some body oil with gold sparkly bits in. They're really fine so I probably shimmer more than I sparkle but still, I feel girly! That's why she bought it for me, apparently we don't get enough opportunities to feel really girly! Its gorgeous though and smells amazing!

I had a really lovely day actually, the weather couldn't have been better, which is really quite an achievement for British weather! Most of us got a bit sunburnt (my scalp in particular is feeling rather tender!) but it was lovely to spend a chilled time with everyone. It wasn't a huge gathering but that was quite nice.

Amie made me a Birthday cake :) It was lovely, and had a nutella filling! She also got me awesome presents - a really tacky plastic cat for the garden being the best one by far!! My main present from her was a gorgeous purple top that her mum had embroidered with butterflies with her sewing machine - so clever! They have a row of teeny beads for their bodies. Lemara got me a great book, its full of paper for different types of lists, things to do, shopping etc - I love my lists!!! Its got a lovely brown leather cover, its really great and I'm sure to put it to good use!

Today I hosted student lunch to use up the rest of the bbq food. It was nice having people over, I should do it more often but its difficult with my housemates not knowing them, I don't want to put them out. Still, when its sunny and we can all be outside I don't feel as bad.

Anyways, should be off to a meeting now xx

2/3/07 11:40 pm - Not a happy bunny...

...Roxy broke... I know have the lovely decisions to make like:

How do I get back to Bristol tomorrow?
When I'm back in Bristol how do I get to work?
Should I buy a new car or fix the one I have?

ARrggg... This wasn't really what I needed... I know I need to buy a new car soon, possibly this year before its MOT runs out (as its unlikely to pass it again) but I'm still really attached to the one I have. Only problem is it now overheats in less than 4 miles because the radiator is leaking. It also doesn't blow warm air anywhere, which in February, as the whether is just supposed to be getting wintery and to top all that it started making really not-good-sounding rattly noises every time I turned a corner driving home from Robin's tonight.

yeah, my baby is sick. Problem is she really isn't worth that much, her equivalent (only healthier presumably) are worth about £500 on autotrader. She's been running really well but is rusting and now this.

Main problem being: I'm quite attached to this car and really don't have time to buy a new one tomorrow.


Still, at least i had a nice day with Robin today :)

12/26/06 03:10 pm - *waves a sad goodbye to basingstoke*

I hate saying goodbye to this place. Everytime I come I have such a great time I don't want to leave, I'm only going away for three days but it still feels like ages!!

Definately getting harder to leave Robin.

Still, three days of work then its New Years :)

12/25/06 09:39 am - Happy Christmas!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I didn't have time to play around with this too much as I need to get rolling little sausages in bacon and the like, but the sentiment still stands!!!

Have a great day!!!

4/15/06 08:08 pm

Find your Celestial Choir

3/30/06 03:03 pm

Gotta love how creatures of a different dimension, which you get to by a porthole opened by reading out something with no vowels, can speak perfect English...

I love Angel, especially these few episodes where they go to the hosts dimension - the Gruselug! Ah!!!

Mmm, need a drink, but also need to carry on working...

3/30/06 12:09 pm - *puts on concentrating face*

Right, time to work. I got new brake pads put on my car this morning and planned lots of my literature review while I was waiting (and didn't get too many odd looks) so now I should be settling down and working hard! I might disconnect from the internet and just be alone with Angel and the joys of relaxing using Snoezelen...

...look at me go yay...

1/12/06 06:31 pm

Whoop, just a quick new icon! Thanks for the link sidh They're great!

12/28/05 11:26 am

I am a member of 6 cliques of size 3

Find the largest clique containing:

(Enter your livejournal username here).

Tee hee, I need to start introducing my friends to each other more :) Still, this kinda makes me feel popular :) I have friends ^^;

And yeah, I am easily pleased.

12/24/05 12:05 pm

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

heh, thats great, except I NEVER want to live in London!

*just knows she'll only be able to find a job in London now shes said that and will actually end up living there*

>.< Please, no!
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