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I sparkle, I feel like a sunbeam! Tracy gave me an awesome present yesterday, some body oil with gold sparkly bits in. They're really fine so I probably shimmer more than I sparkle but still, I feel girly! That's why she bought it for me, apparently we don't get enough opportunities to feel really girly! Its gorgeous though and smells amazing!

I had a really lovely day actually, the weather couldn't have been better, which is really quite an achievement for British weather! Most of us got a bit sunburnt (my scalp in particular is feeling rather tender!) but it was lovely to spend a chilled time with everyone. It wasn't a huge gathering but that was quite nice.

Amie made me a Birthday cake :) It was lovely, and had a nutella filling! She also got me awesome presents - a really tacky plastic cat for the garden being the best one by far!! My main present from her was a gorgeous purple top that her mum had embroidered with butterflies with her sewing machine - so clever! They have a row of teeny beads for their bodies. Lemara got me a great book, its full of paper for different types of lists, things to do, shopping etc - I love my lists!!! Its got a lovely brown leather cover, its really great and I'm sure to put it to good use!

Today I hosted student lunch to use up the rest of the bbq food. It was nice having people over, I should do it more often but its difficult with my housemates not knowing them, I don't want to put them out. Still, when its sunny and we can all be outside I don't feel as bad.

Anyways, should be off to a meeting now xx
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