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The Random Ramblings of Ciderbutwider

Trying to live life God's way

I've just graduated from Southampton University and I'm a fully qualified Occupational Therapist. I'm currently in my first 'real' job in North Bristol on an elderly care ward. I love meeting people, and thats one of the good things about the job I have at the moment - I get to go and chat! I'm a committed Christian and believe in letting God run my life because it works better that way! While all is pretty crazy at the moment I have peace that everything will work out ok, moving to a new city is a little daunting but I'm sure I'll meet nice new people!

I have a great boyfriend, who I do mention on a fairly regular basis. I've been friends with him for years, and he's also one of the people that introduced me to ceroc dancing - which is a big hobby of mine. I've always loved dancing and this is a great way of doing it with little coordination! I'd recommend it to anyone.

I guess I don't have all that much to say, if you're that interested in me you'll read my journal, unfortunately I've had to make it friends only, but leave a comment and I'll make you a friend. I'm always happy to make new friends and have most of my lj friends because I randomly searched for people with similar interests, so comment and I promise to reply! :)

Credit goes to electra_torch for the screencaps used in my layout :)

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I'm a proud member of:
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and pretty obsessed with the anime... Renji and Ichigo in particular 0:)

Yeah, I'm a procrastinator, so I have 5 neopets... and this is what my first one looks like:

ciderbutwider got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

And I have a puppy...

my pet!

Its such a shame LJ isn't real life...

... I had to adopt this one too... its cuteness heghogified and jumps when you click on it!!!!

my pet!

... yeah, I'm easily amused...

Its one of the things Robin likes about me ^^;
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